Tips To Reduce Accidents Happening On A Construction Site

With all sorts of heavy machinery, equipment, tools, trucks, construction material and an army of engineers, workers, supervisors, drivers, guards, and other people working on a construction site, it is no surprise that construction accidents are incredibly common in the world. According to rough estimates, the construction industry has the 3rd highest fatality rates in the world. There may be different reasons behind the construction-related injuries and deaths; however, the good news is that most of these injuries and fatalities can be easily avoided by taking simple measures, such as making workers participate in CSOC course in Singapore to educate them on various construction-related hazards and workplace safety standards.

Let us explore some simple ways project managers can adopt to reduce the accidents at a construction site and make it a safe place for all the workers:

  • Frequent Safety Meetings

Construction workers usually have the mentality that they are the toughest people on earth and can easily withstand harsh conditions. This type of attitude accompanied with low literacy rate in this sector is a recipe for disaster. It is, therefore, the prime responsibility of the project manager to hold regular if not daily meetings with all the staff members, employees, and construction workers and brief them about different types of health hazards present on the site and clearly defining their roles and responsibilities. Sending all the constructions workers to participate in CSOC course in Singapore to keep them updated with all the latest health and safety regulations is another great way to ensure every worker is up-to-date and on the same page.

  • Avoid Night Shifts

Late night work and the dark environment is a deadly combination and a recipe for disaster. Whenever possible, try to finish the construction work during the late night and avoid pushing workers to perform their duties at night. This will not only help minimise the chances of onsite accidents and injuries, but it will also enhance the performance of the workers.

  • Ensure Strict PPE Compliance

As the project manager, you should also ensure that all the workers comply with the policy guidelines when it comes to using personal protective equipment while working on the construction site. Depending on the type of task, every construction worker should be provided with the best and most relevant PPE. Some basic PPE that should be provided to all the people working on a construction site include hardhats, slip-resistant boots, eye protection, heavy-duty gloves, masks, and high-visibility reflective clothing. Construction workers should be forced to wear these PPE at all times while working on a construction site.

  • Clear and Highly Visible Signage

Another simple and effective way to ensure the safety of workers working on a construction site is to mark the potentially dangerous areas with proper and highly visible signage. All such areas should not only be cordoned off by ropes and pylons, but they should also be made more visible by putting red flashlights and highly visible signage.

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